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Is It Safe To Buy Mattress Malaysia Online?

lady holding credit cards and buying mattress online

#1 Buying a Mattress Online

Mattress Malaysia shopping online can be easier than purchasing a mattress from a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer in many ways. Despite this, it is still a difficult task at first to decide which best mattress to purchase.

Here is a step-by-step overview of the complete process to help you get started, starting with an overview of the entire procedure from start to finish to choose your best mattress.


You can narrow down your options based on your budget and make sure you won’t break the bank for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Mattress materials such as natural latex, memory foam, polyfoam, and coils, and pocketed springs. Every material serves a different purpose and delivers a different level of comfort. 


mattress firmness scale 0 to 10

Depending on your sleeping position, weight, and preferences, the most comfortable firmness level will differ for you.

4. Mattress Size 

It is imperative to select the right size mattress in Malaysia based on the amount of space you have, the thickness of the surface, and whether your partner sleeps with you. Consider getting a larger size if your pocket allows for it.

joey and sonno mattress comparison side by side

5. Online Mattress Malaysia Brands – Nosda vs Joey vs Sonno: Review of the best mattress in box to buy in 2022

It is easier to buy a Malaysia mattress with good customer service when you choose a reputable online brand. In the case of Nosda mattresses, we have very favorable customer reviews and very affordable prices 

6. Sleep Trials up to 100 days

Warranty and return policy. You can significantly increase the value of your mattress purchase by taking advantage of these customer service policies. 

7. Back Support

best mattress for back pain

A mattress that will help relieve both low back pain and help support the spine, which allows your spine allowed to rest and rejuvenate during the night by providing both comfort and support. Especially those who have back pain disorder should always look for a firm type of mattress that still offers moderate contouring even it’s firm, such as nosda mattress Malaysia, it’s an ideal mattress for back pain.

Why should you buy your best mattress online

100 days trials
You don’t often find free trials in Malaysia mattress stores. The benefit of buying a mattress Malaysia online is that it usually offers free trials, so you can try it at home without feeling pressured by a salesperson. After sleeping on the mattress for several days, you will know if it fits you well. 
Budget-friendly When purchasing a mattress online, the greatest advantage is the price. The mattress brands that only operate online have significantly lower costs than the brands that sell exclusively in stores. As a result, direct-to-consumer mattress prices tend to be lower than those offered to retailers.

Sleep Trials

 It is always good to try out mattresses and feel them before you buy them, but only after you take them home and sleep on them will you really be able to judge their performance. Almost all online mattress brands offer extended sleep trials, which is one of the perks of buying your best mattress online. With these policies, you can purchase a mattress and try it out in the comfort of your own home before making your final decision. In case you are not satisfied with the way it feels, you can return it during the return period for a refund of the purchase price. Depending on the brand, sleep trials usually take anywhere from 60 nights to 180 nights or more. But the fact is, you usually find out the result after you have been sleeping for at least 30 to 60 nights. In general, showing longer days on their website will be just a marketing gimmick, so long as they offer more than 90 days, that’s more than enough. 

For a great number of people, online shopping is simply more convenient than going to the store. The advantage of shopping online is that you are not bound to a schedule or a location. Regardless of the time of day or night, you’ll be able to research brands and look for models anytime and anywhere you wish to, and you won’t feel pushed by an overly pushy salesperson.

Free delivery 

The majority of online mattress brands in Malaysia offer free delivery. But always check with their customer services as some of the brands do not cover east Malaysia. But if you don’t want any trouble, you can simply stick with Nosda mattress, which provides free shipping to the whole of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. 

Firmness LevelFeelMattressDescriptionRecommended For
8SoftMemory FoamThe sleep surface sinks and conforms significantly under your weight.Side sleepers under 70kg.
6.6.5Medium SoftNOSDA OriginalThe sleep surface sinks and conforms significantly under your weight.Sleepers under 80kg.
5MediumNOSDA MAXThe sleep surface sinks minimally under your weight while still offering moderate contouring.Sleepers between 45 and 90kg. Side sleepers over
4-4.5Medium FirmNosda CloudThe sleep surface sinks minimally under your weight while still offering moderate contouring.Sleepers between 85 and 100 kg .Side sleepers over 115kg.
1-2FirmCoconut Fiber mattressAlmost no sinkage occurs under your weight, and the sleep surface provides only minimal contouring.Side sleepers over 115kg lbs.Back and stomach sleepers over 110 lbs.
0Solid FirmConcrete SlabThe sleep surface doesn’t sink at all under your weight and provides no contouring.Back and stomach sleepers over 110 kg.