See why Nosda cooling mattresses are so popular and learn why you should have one in your home.

Nosda Max

Suitable for back and side sleepers. A supportive mattress with extra cooling layers.

Nosda Cloud

A solid firm mattress for seniors, children and those who need extra back care.

Firmness scale

Key features

Key featuresNosda MaxNosda Cloud
Zero Partner Disturbance⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
FirmnessMedium (4.5–6.5)Firm (6-7)
SupportComfortable and SupportiveFirm Support
Bouncy ResponsiveFastInstant
Back Care3-zoneSupportive


MaterialsNosda MaxNosda Cloud
Activated charcoal - Odor control
100% Natural latex - Long-term comfort
IceSilk fabric (OEKO-TEX®-certified) - Cooling comfort
Lux Evlon foam - Pressure relief and spine alignment
Washable cover - Easy cleaning
Anti-slip cover - Prevents mattress sliding


Mattress SpecificationsNosda MaxNosda Cloud
King183cm x 190cm x 25cm (36kg)183cm x 190cm x 20cm (36kg)
Queen152cm x 190cm x 25cm (30kg)152cm x 190cm x 20cm (30kg)
Super single107cm x 190cm x 25cm (20kg)107cm x 190cm x 20cm (20kg)
Single91cm x 190cm x 25cm (18kg)91cm x 190cm x 20cm (18kg)


Mattress PricingNosda MaxNosda Cloud
King (RM)33992699
Queen (RM)28992199
Super single (RM)23991599
Single (RM)18991199