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Max vs. Cloud

🧊 Cooling Technology: Feels like an air-conditioned room 🌬️ Breathable Design: As airy aas a mesh chair
🌿 Natural Latex: Infused with activated charcoal for enhanced freshness ⚖️ Single Zone Support: Simple yet effective back care
🎯 3-Zone Support: Targeted back care for head, shoulders, and hips 🤗 Medium-Firm Comfort: The sweet spot between soft and hard
💪 Firm Support: Supportive for the back and cool to the touch 💰 Budget-Friendly: High-quality sleep without breaking the bank
💤 Minimal Partner Disturbance: Enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed sleep 🛌 Minimal Partner Disturbance: Restful sleep for you and your partner
Max Cloud
Firmness Level Medium-Firm Medium
Sleeping Position (Recommended) Suitable for all types of sleepers Suitable for all types of sleepers
Motion Isolation Score Great Great
Cooling Score 5/5 2/5
Responsiveness Score Fast Instant
Mattress Height 25 cm 20 cm
Trial Period 100 Nights 100 Nights
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Shipping Method Free shipping Free shipping

Our bed-in-a-box options differ in price and feel. We’ll look at how they compare to help you decide which better aligns with your preferences.

Nosda Max Construction

Nosda Cloud Construction

Pick Nosda Max if…

Pick Nosda Cloud if…

Max Cloud
W L H Weight Price W L H Weight Price
King 183cm 190cm 25cm 36kg RM3399 183cm 190cm 20cm 32kg RM2799
Queen 152cm 30kg RM2899 152cm 26kg RM2299
Super single 107cm 20kg RM2399 107cm 16kg RM1799
Single 91cm 18kg RM1899 91cm 13kg RM1499