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Mattress Malaysia Sizes In Cm & Inch 2023 | Complete Guide

How to Choose Mattress Size

The first thing that you will need to consider before buying a mattress is the sizes, there are a few questions you will need to consider before your purchase, are you buying a new bed or does the new mattress have to fit into your old bed? If you are simply buying a new mattress, all you need to think about is the space and how many users are using the mattress, there is no specific size to follow but we advise getting a bigger bed and mattress as possible.

Our mattress size guide explains the different sizes of beds and their measurements to assist you to find the bed size that will serve your bedroom needs best. When looking for a new mattress, choosing the right size from a plethora of options can be difficult, especially when there are sub-categories in certain segments. With very little difference in dimensions between certain sizes, getting the right fit for yourself can be a daunting task.

Mattress for kids

For a kid, a single size will be sufficient for most of the conditions, but if there is extra budget, you should consider getting a super single size mattress or queen, as kids are growing up very fast and extra space allows them to have more space and mattress can last for few more years.

Mattress for Couple

While sharing a mattress should always consider for king size if possible, as the extra space will make the world prettier, but if there are any restrictions, should at least consider as queen size mattress

Malaysia mattress size guide

Single Size MattressS Single Size MattressQueen Size MattressKing Size Mattress
Size Malaysia
91cm x 190cm107cm x 190cm152cm x 190cm183cm x 190cm

Ikea bed & mattress size guide

MattressDimensions (in)Dimensions (cm)
Twin38.25 x 74.7597.155 x 190
Full53.125 x 74.75135 x 190
Queen60.25 x 79.5153 x 202
King76 x 79.5193 x 202

Below is a detailed table comparing 

IKEA bed size to Malaysia bed size in CM:

If you are getting a bed from Ikea, please be consider that there is an additional 10cm gap with your old mattress or if you are buying Malaysia standard mattress size.

Mattress SizeIKEA
Width x Length (cm)
Width x Length (cm)
Single90 cm x 200 cm90 cm x 190 cm
Super Single120 cm x 200 cm107 cm x 190 cm
Queen150 cm x 200 cm152 cm x 190 cm
King180 cm x 200 cm182 cm x 190 cm

IKEA bed size to Malaysia bed size in inches

Mattress SizeIKEA
Width x Length (in)
Width x Length (in)
Single35 in x 79 in36 in x 75 in
Super Single47 in x 79 in42 in x 75 in
Queen59 in x 79 in60 in x 75 in
King71 in x 79 in72 in x 75 in

What are the weight of Nosda mattresses?

SingleSuper SingleQueenKing
Nosda Cloud18kg20kg30kg36kg
Nosda Original20kg25kg32kg38kg

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