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Our bestseller Nosda Max mattress has captured the hearts of Malaysians since 2017. With superior cooling layers and back support, it is a mattress that will provide you with deep sleep and cozy nights!

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The ideal mattress to solve sleep problems caused by back pain, sweating from the heat, or partners waking up in the middle of the night.​

100% Natural And Activated Charcoal Latex

Nosda is the 1st mattress in a box to use 100% activated natural charcoal latex, which creates a cooler, superior microclimate. Its natural latex has added benefits, such as better microclimate regulation, odor elimination, and toxin adsorption, ensuring a cleaner, fresher, and cooler sleep.

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Mattress Cover With IceSilk Fabric That Make You Feel Cool

Wake up fresh and lively without ever sweating again! Our revolutionary IceSilk fabric, made from high-quality silk eco-fibers and knitted anti-microbial textiles, fights off heat retention for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Experience the feeling of being in Genting Highland every night with our amazing mattress cover.

Trusted Mattress Brand

Nosda is the 1st Mattress in the box market to use 100% Activated Natural Charcoal Latex, which creates a superior microclimate that’s cooler. Our 100% Natural Latex gives you the benefit of natural latex with added benefits, sleeps cooler wicks away sweat, is fresher, and adsorbs body toxins through sweat.

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Mattress With 120-Nights Free Trial

You don’t have to spend all day looking for the right mattress anymore. It’s now simpler than ever to find it. Simply order one and sleep on it for 120 nights and see what happens.

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nosda bed press release in malaysia newspaper

What our customers say

Dr. Nicole
Dr. Nicole
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I recommend Nosda Max that has plush comfort for the cosiest sleep. What’s more, when Nosda mattress offers free shipping, 100-night risk-free trial, 10-year limited warranty and free pickup returns. On top of these, you can also do 3 monthly instalments with no interest or fees.
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Thanks to Nosda’s gel-infused memory foam and IceSilk mattress cover, my previous experience of sleeping hot has now become a distant memory. It feels cooler to the touch, helping me regulate my body temperature.
Calista Hiew
Calista Hiew
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Been wanting a new mattress since we moved, and finally, IT'S HERE! If you've been seeing and hearing about these mattresses in a box, and wondering if they are worth it, well, this is the unboxing video for you.
Xiong Hui
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From the very first night I could feel the difference. I have been waking up with neck and back pain and now I’m waking with no pain at all. This Nosda Original mattress has changed my life ❤️
Siow Ai-Vern
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Soft and firm at the same time
. The bed is everything they say it is, I’ve never had more comfortable sleep in years!
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My nosda mattress is the best thing I have purchased. I always woke with back ache but after a couple of days I found I had my best sleep ever. I now settle down each night knowing a good nights sleep is to follow.
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What a change. It does take a couple of weeks for your body to get used to the difference. We are sleeping so much better and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.
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dapat dengan harga discount kat hari christmas, harga bukan murah sangat tapi sanggat enak untuk tidur. tak sama dengan tilam yang jual di luar. lepas cuba rasa macam 10 ribu punya tilam.
Tiffany Sze
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I don’t really give review but this is different, after we changed to nosda mattress it really improve my sleeping quality and a good night sleep! at first we are thinking the mattress was too plush but after the first night sleeping on it, we know how supportive and cooling. Definitely worth buying
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it’s very soft and I sleep perfectly every day. Honestly I wanna sleep more because of this mattress. Worth every penny !!
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I had pain back before so bought Nosda Mattress now after month pain gone! I felt better first night that is amazing! That’s was the best decision ever!
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Very cooling and comfortable mattress, was thinking to buy this for my younger brother, but after we received and tried the mattress we decided to order another 2 more.
Kevin Amir
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Simply the best sleep I’ve had in years going from not sleeping hardly at all due to my old mattress now sleep easy n feel fresh in mornings again.
Jenny Wong
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the mattress is soft but very supportive and comfortable, never thought a soft mattress could give such a good support before
Erylyna Endot
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Good bed. Im so happy once i got my mattress . No more back pain and i can sleep soundly with this mattress . However, i have problem fitting the bed sheet, as this mattress is very thick compare to my previous one. Overall its a good mattress.
Jinn Hui
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the first feeling i had when i first laid on this bed is like sleeping cloud. not too soft but at the same time not too hard as well. simply comfortable
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Sangat tinggi tilam ini.
 Terima kasih, lepas ini kalau Ada bantal dan bantal peluk, saya order semula.
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The first few nights I wasn't too sure, but a few weeks in and I'm in love! Im sleeping so well, its super comfortable and I'm enjoying not waking up aching in the mornings.
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compare with other brand before I decided to purchase this mattress, the packaging is nicely wrap and very thick box which provide a very good protection to the mattress. I like the firmness and the natural latex feel but the icesilk cover is quite slippery.
Michaela K.
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I can honestly say I’ve never had a better nights sleep! I wake up pain free and feeling refreshed and ready for the day…I’ve already convinced my parents to buy one and they have…best nights sleep ever!