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Malaysia's No. 1 Mattress

Quality sleep should not have to be expensive

The ideal mattress to solve sleep problems caused by back pain, sweating from the heat, or partners waking up in the middle of the night.​

100% Natural And Activated Charcoal Latex

Nosda is the 1st mattress in a box to use 100% activated natural charcoal latex, which creates a cooler, superior microclimate. Its natural latex has added benefits, such as better microclimate regulation, odor elimination, and toxin adsorption, ensuring a cleaner, fresher, and cooler sleep.

Mattress Cover With IceSilk Fabric That Make You Feel Cool

Wake up fresh and lively without ever sweating again! Our revolutionary IceSilk fabric, made from high-quality silk eco-fibers and knitted anti-microbial textiles, fights off heat retention for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Experience the feeling of being in Genting Highland every night with our amazing mattress cover.

Trusted Mattress Brand

Nosda is the 1st Mattress in the box market to use 100% Activated Natural Charcoal Latex, which creates a superior microclimate that's cooler. Our 100% Natural Latex gives you the benefit of natural latex with added benefits, sleeps cooler wicks away sweat, is fresher, and adsorbs body toxins through sweat.

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