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The Best Mattress Malaysia For Senior And Older Adults

The mattress market is filled with options, making it difficult to decide which mattress is best for seniors and older adults. However, when it comes to selecting the perfect mattress for a senior and old adult, there are a few key factors to consider. Comfort, support, and pressure relief are all important considerations for seniors, as the wrong mattress could lead to pain and further health complications. 

We are so excited to share this perfect mattress with you, so read on to learn more and see why it is the best mattress for seniors and older adults.

After researching numerous mattresses Malaysia, we found that senior and older adults have some special needs when it comes to mattresses. The best mattress for them is one that provides an adequate level of comfort and support for the particular needs of their body. 

All in all, when it comes to finding the best mattress Malaysia for senior and older adults, there are many options to consider. 

Types of Mattress

There are several types of mattresses that are suitable for seniors and older adults, including memory foam, adjustable, latex and innerspring mattress 

  1. Memory foam mattresses 

This type of mattresses are designed to provide pressure relief and contouring, which can be beneficial to those dealing with joint pain or arthritis

  1. Adjustable mattresses

This type of mattresses have a base that can be adjusted to different angles and heights, providing extra support to those with limited mobility.

  1. Latex mattresses 

This type of mattresses are well-liked option due to their composition of natural rubber latex, making them durable and flexible. As well, the production process is environmentally friendly, without the need for harmful chemicals or oil. These mattresses are also hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with allergies

  1. Innerspring mattresses 

This type of mattresses  are the most traditional type of mattress, with individual coils that provide support and responsiveness. Suitable for individuals who are heavier, as the coils distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

Comparison Between Latex and Innerspring 

Latex and innerspring mattresses are two of the most popular types of mattresses out there, but which one is best for seniors? It can be hard to know, so let’s take a look at the differences between the two and how they can help elderly people sleep better at night.

Latex mattresses are known for their superior comfort. It contours to the body and provide consistent support, which is ideal for elderly people who experience a lot of joint pain. Additionally, latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic, which is great for seniors with allergies or respiratory issues

Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, are generally more affordable but less comfortable than latex mattresses, and it may not offer the same level of support for seniors with joint pain.

In short, both latex and innerspring mattresses have their pros and cons. If you’re looking for a mattress that will provide superior comfort and support for your elderly loved one, then a latex mattress may be the way to go. However, if you’re on a budget, then an innerspring mattress may be a better option. 

3 Things You Should Also Consider Before Buying It

  1. Good Balance

One of the major considerations when choosing a mattress is the right balance of comfort and support. A mattress that is too soft can cause the spine to become misaligned, while a mattress that is too firm can result in uncomfortable pressure points. Make sure you have try out a variety of mattress types and take note of how each feels on the body.

  1. Pressure Relief 

Pressure relief is important for seniors, as it helps reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers and other uncomfortable conditions. Memory foam and latex mattresses are both good choices for pressure relief, as it contouring properties help to reduce pressure points

  1. Size

A mattress that is too small will be uncomfortable, while a mattress that is too large can be difficult to maneuver. In order to ensure that you choose the right size mattress, you should measure the available space in your bedroom and purchase a mattress that fits comfortably within that space

Apart from that, it’s also important to test out the mattress in the store or have it delivered with a trial period, so you can make sure it provides the necessary support and comfort. 

As with any mattress Malaysia, Nosda mattress is the best option because it comes with 10 years warranty and 100 nights free trials. Not only that, it is also much lighter than the traditional innerspring mattresses and can be easily moved to different rooms. 

Plus, the most attractive feature is that the mattress’s covers are made of state-of-the-art IceSilk fabric, which fights off heat-retention making you sleep easy during the nights and wake up fresh and lively.


Whatever type of mattress you choose, be sure to look for one that is rated medium to firm, as a soft mattress can cause too much sink. At the end, it will lead to pain and further health complications. Make sure the mattress meets your height and weight requirements, as a mattress that is too small won’t work for a larger individual.