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Best Mattress For Pregnancy

Best Mattress for Pregnant Women (2022) | Nosda Malaysia

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing and terrifying experiences that a woman can go through. Pregnant women need to take care of themselves and their babies, so the best mattress for pregnancy is one that provides comfortable sleep.

The best mattress for pregnancy is one that will support your changing body. The material and construction of the mattresses should be considered, as well as whether or not it can be flipped to provide additional comfort.

Have you ever slept that comfortably on a mattress? A baby belly is a point at which it is difficult to sleep if the mattress you’re sleeping on is not specially designed for a woman’s body. Babies are incredibly comfortable in the womb and a woman’s sleeping position in the womb is also very different during birth, and the posture created in the womb is not conducive to giving birth or raising a child. 

Mattresses specially designed for women during their pregnancy are designed to support the spine – healthy spines are a necessity for good rest and support the body. In addition, this pregnancy mattress can prevent changes in your body balance and posture due to the growing belly.

Is a different mattress essential whilst pregnant?

This depends on the condition of your current mattress. If you are ready to upgrade your mattress, this would be an ideal time to do so, ensuring you get as much restful sleep as possible during your pregnancy. 

However, if your current mattress is providing you with ample support and comfort, this is all you require. For those who have a perfectly good mattress, but require additional support or comfort during pregnancy, mattress toppers offer a great short-term solution.

Tips for choosing a mattress while pregnant

With the changes to your body shape, you may not be able to sleep in the same position that you would usually find comfortable. In addition to this, leg cramps, nausea, heartburn and insomnia are some of the other factors that pregnant women may come up against when they attempt to get a good night of rest.

The additional weight of a growing baby can put pressure on the back, so choosing a mattress that offers optimum support may help to relieve pressure and reduce back pain. For those who sleep on their stomach, this will no longer be an option as your pregnancy belly continues to grow and you will need to adjust your sleeping position. In this instance, a mattress that is most suitable for back and side sleepers would be recommended. 

If you’re already upgrading your mattress, you may want to consider upsizing while you’re at it. An individual mattress will be sufficient for one individual and while a double mattress will accommodate two people, a larger King Size mattress or a Super King mattress will offer you the additional space to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for both you and your partner throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

What are the best mattresses for pregnancy?

Memory foam mattresses are perfect for pregnancy and will still be comfortable when the baby arrives. This is because memory foam is great for equal weight distribution. Meaning there won’t be too much pressure on one spot of the body, including joints. 

Since we tend to sleep on our side when pregnant, it can put a lot of pressure on the shoulder and hip joints. Sleeping on a weight receptive surface like memory foam will give you support where you need it and cushion everywhere else.

Option 1: Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are known for offering an excellent base of firm support, thanks to how the material reacts to pressure and heat, changing shape to fit the sleeper’s body, offering close contouring, while being comfortable for the sleeper. They provide great weight distribution, perfect to support your changing weight during this time.

In addition to the above, one of the other benefits of memory foam is that it offers excellent motion isolation. Motion isolation refers to how well a mattress absorbs or isolates motion and in the case where there are two individuals sharing a bed, how well the mattress prevents your motion from reaching your partner. 

With excellent motion isolation, memory foam mattresses mean you and your partner are less likely to disturb one another when moving or tossing and turning during the night, which is one less thing to worry about. With memory foam mattress, pregnant woman can experience issues with breathability, finding that the memory foam material retains and reflects too much heat.

However, the Nosda memory foam mattress is made with cool cell memory foam which channels additional warmth out and eliminates issues of overheating.

Why is a memory foam mattress good for pregnant women?

  • Memory foam mattress offers even weight distribution for superior comfort
  • Support of a memory foam mattress keeps spine in neutral alignment
  • Memory foam provides excellent lumbar support for lower back pain relief
  • Relieves pressure points on back, hips and joints
  • Nosda memory foam mattresses are made from cool cell memory foam to limit heat retention

Option 2: Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress provides the support system of a pocket sprung mattress system with the comfort and pressure relief of a memory foam topping layer, keeping the users spine aligned, while evenly supporting the weight of the body, making it a great option for pregnancy, particularly for those who don’t like the idea of an entirely memory foam mattress.

The composition and density of a memory foam mattresses can lead to an issue with breathability. Pregnant woman can complain that the material holds in too much heat and reflect, which could be particularly undesirable during pregnancy when body temperature can be slightly elevated. Nosda Hybrid mattress offers cool cell memory foam topping, which channels additional warmth out and eliminates issues of overheating for a better night’s sleep.

Why is a hybrid mattress good for pregnant women?

  • Pocket sprung section provides even distribution of weight and support of the mid-section
  • Memory foam topping keeps spine in neutral alignment
  • Pressure relief for back, hips and joints
  • Medium level of firmness
  • Cool cell memory foam topping in the hybrid mattress for DFI Beds limits heat retention

We believe both memory foam mattress and hybrid mattress are good for majority of pregnant women. When you have the best mattress for pregnancy, getting a good night’s sleep is easy!

How would you like to know how to make your pregnancy easier with just one purchase?

Sleep soundly with Nosda top picks of the best mattresses for pregnancy!