Who we are

After many years of working in the furniture industry, Aden and Corvina decided to start their own mattress company after hearing about sleep problems caused by back pain, sweating from the heat, or partners waking up in the middle of the night. As a result, NOSDA was founded in 2017 with the hopes of providing Malaysians with the ideal mattress to solve all these problems!

With a belief that quality sleep should not have to be expensive, they partnered with global partners who specialise in mattress innovation to design the beloved Nosda mattress. With superior materials that assist in temperature regulation for a cooler sleep, spinal alignment, full body support, pressure point relief, and easy maintenance, it’s difficult not to love it!

By also operating fully online and utilizing a pre-order wait-list business model, overhead costs were reduced, and they were able to set an affordable price. Each Nosda mattress comes with a 100-Night Sleep Trial because they believe that the best way to test a mattress will not be by sleeping on it for 5 minutes in showrooms, but rather for many nights in a row.

Ultimately, Aden and Corvina’s goal is to offer the best sleep experience at the best possible price through Nosda.

“I just want to make a mattress that I would want to sleep on personally. I’ve slept on many mattresses throughout my flight crew career. As such, I’m very particular about the type of mattress that can give me the rest during a stressful and tiring flight. Since I am now a mother of a baby and a cat, I did extensive research and found a partner who can create the perfect mattress for me. I have included essential features that make up the perfect mattress.”

Corvina’s story

She worked as a flight attendant and had slept in many hotel beds. All she wanted was to sleep on a mattress that would rejuvenate her after hard work. Therefore her ultimate goal is to find a mattress which could give her the same quality of sleep after a hectic day and rest well so that she may return to work well rested.

Corvina, like most people, thought that hard and firm mattresses were the only mattresses to use when suffering from back pain, however the more she slept on a firm mattress the worse it got since it provided insufficient support. 

After extensive research, she ended up purchasing a natural latex mattress, which greatly improved her sleep. Nonetheless, natural latex can be quite expensive. In her research on materials that make up a comfortable mattress, she discovered that memory foam is an excellent alternative to natural latex. Memory foam also provides pressure point relief since it conforms to your body shape when you are sleeping on it.

 A 5 zone support layer gives you extra support because your body is not straight. It is curvy and has different weight. A 5 zone contour layer improves your weight distribution.

Now that she has a family and pets, she realizes that a mattress should be easy to maintain and clean. Accidents happen; pets pee on the bed, so the last thing you want to do is throw away your mattress. Even if the upper portion of the mattress is cleaned, the urine may have soaked into the bedsheet, and the mattress cannot be cleaned unless you have a steam vacuum or hire a professional cleaning service. 

That’s precisely why she suggested that a mattress have a removable cover for easy cleaning. Unzip it, wash it, and you’ll no longer have to worry about dust mites, and germs and bacteria.

Last but not least, she did not have air conditioning when she rented a room, so at night she began to sweat because of the heat trapped in the mattress. She was delighted when she discovered IceSilk fabric. 

The fabric is cool to the touch and helps wick away heat and help you feel more comfortable. Some people even say that they don’t even need the air conditioning anymore and thus can save electricity and money.

She realized her dream when this mattress was born. A mattress that let you sleep cool, easy to clean and provided enough support. Truly a mattress you will need for a better sleep and wake up fresher.

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