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Top 5 Malaysia Best Mattress in the Box 2020!

Let’s face it! Everyone likes a good night’s sleep. Most of us dream of going home, getting comfortable in our bed and falling into sleep. But that doesn’t always happen because the mattress we use aren’t made with that in mind.

But luckily, there are a handful of companies that care about you getting a good night’s sleep. They produce great mattresses that help you sleep well and wake up fresh no matter how hectic your day has been.

Consider the following reasons how having a good one could save you from a lot of hassles.

Why Buy a Best Mattress Malaysia in the First Place?

If you need to get rid of backaches and sleep better at night, the best way to achieve this is by getting a nice Mattress for back pain in a Box. Once you invest in Malaysia best mattress, you will have a much better sleep each night and wake up without any backaches.

To help you find the best mattress, we have listed down 5 top mattresses in the box. Read below to discover our top picks to buy in Malaysia:

1. Nosda Mattress – Original:

There are several things that we need to consider before we opt for the best mattress. These things include the mattress fabric, material, softness, and comfort. When we talk about Nosda Original, it is on top of our list for a good reason. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to the best mattress.

Nosda Original has an extra comfort layer that gives support to your back and helps you sleep like a baby. If you are someone who uses a computer or studies all day, then you need to get hands-on with this wonderful mattress. This Malaysia mattress is fine and soft that making it very comfortable for all those sleeping on it!

Regular mattresses start to stink as they trap sweat, which makes them smell bad. Yet, that is not the case with our pick: Nosda Original. The mattress is odour-free, you will not have to worry about waking up to body odour. The Nosda Original mattress has a natural latex layer. The natural latex helps provide body support, regulate temperature and humidity. Perfect for enjoying a sleep fit for your royal needs and is the best mattress for back pain.

best mattress for back pain
  • No odours
  • Keeps the germs out
  • Provides 7 different zones with head-to-toe support
  • Made up of fine fabric


  • There might be cheaper mattresses in the market.


MLILY is one of the best mattresses that has a nice feel and conforms to the body. According to its website, it provides 53% improvement in sleep and 23% prolonged sleep. This mattress provides stress relief for the shoulders and neck for sleepers that weigh less than 60kg. Heavy people may find the mattress too stiff. MLILY has three mattress variants: Supreme, Elite, and The Dream.

The MLILY absorbs and isolates motion because of its all-foam structure. This helps avoid surface transfer as individuals turn in bed. As you sleep on it, the best thing is that it is silent. If you are sharing the mattress with your spouse, this one is the best mattress to get. There is minimal partner disturbance. For those who suffer movement-related sleep disturbances, these features make this mattress in the box is a good option. Often the transition and comfort foams are very thick. When individuals get in and out of bed, this results in above-average edge help, and the mattress does not sink in. Moreover, it has a long-predicted life, and it will stay with you for years. Odour capacity is one notable downside, as the MLILY Initial 10 emits a reasonable amount of off-gassing.

  • Prevents noises
  • Takes the shape of your body to maximize support
  • Comfort foam adds extra comfort.
  • Better sleep ratio


  • It may be stiff for heavier people.
  • Emits off-gas and odour.

3. StarryNite

StarryNite has memory foam to give you protection, coils for added comfort, and a soft topper. This mattress is worth the money as some has also said it got rid of their backside and neck pain. It provides optimal spine support and has amazing levels of breathability.

This mattress is among some of the most valuable mattresses in Malaysia. It provides amazing quality and the right plushness. It is a comfortable mattress for both heavy and lightweight sleepers. But, it does lack support around the edges of the mattress.


  • Provides good support
  • Economically-priced
  • Memory foam provides protection.


  • Lacks support near the edges of the mattress.

4. Sleep Sonno:

Sleep Sonno has two models — Sonno Lite and Sonno Original. It has memory foam which is a plus. It comprises three memory foam hybrid models and three patented Dynamic polyfoam classifiers. In fact, in higher-quality versions, Sleep Sonno provides both variants. The mattress is dust and mite resistant.


  • Made up of memory foam
  • Dust and mite-resistant


  • There may be a slight odour.

5. Joey Mattress

Joey Mattress is among our picks for the best mattress as it has ‘flippable’ foam. For better body-conforming: one side is medium-soft; the other side is firmer. This improves comfort for the shoulders, back, and hips. Flip over the mattress to change the hardness. All sides have J-Foam™ blended memory foam. Its medium-soft surface suits side sleepers and those with concerns with pressure points. To cut pain and discomfort across the body, the memory foam forms a comfortable base for the sleeper. The firmer side is best suited to heavier people that need more back support.


  • Good in minimising partner disturbance
  • Budget


  • People of lighter wright might not find it very comfortable.
  • Cheap material, foam only.

Having a good sleep is important — if you wake up tired and your body hurts, it is time you buy a new mattress.

Two Types of Best Mattress For You To Choose From

Nosda Max​

Suitable for back and side sleepers. A supportive mattress with extra cooling layers.​

Nosda Cloud

A solid firm mattress for seniors, children and those who need extra back care.

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