How to stop insomnia in 5 ways with nosda mattress Malaysia

We are facing a sleep deprivation crisis. According to a 2018 sleep survey, 90% of Malaysians are having trouble sleeping.  The causes of our sleep issues can be obvious—like back and shoulder pain after long days hunched over a computer—but many times it can feel like a complete mystery. Whatever the cause, most Malaysians know […]

How to choose your best mattress in 5 ways by Dr. Nicole – Mattress Malaysia.

dr nicole sleeping on nosda matress reviews

What so special about our mattress? The nosda mattress Malaysia height (25cm) –  it’s easy to prioritise comfort and design and ignore something as mundane as the height. According to Feng Shui expert Sally Painter, the height of your bed can determine the quality of your sleep, and therefore your mood, by the levels of ‘chi’ permitted. Chi is […]

Top 5 Malaysia Best Mattress in the Box 2020!

Feature image of mattress in the box of Malaysia in year 2020 with lady sleeping on a mattress

Let’s face it! Everyone likes a good night’s sleep. Most of us dream of going home, getting comfortable in our bed and falling into sleep. But that doesn’t always happen because the mattress we use aren’t made with that in mind. But luckily, there are a handful of companies that care about you getting a […]