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Nos-da means Good Night in Welsh

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10-year limited warranty

Stay protected from accidents.*

Who we are

Aden and Corvina have been in the furniture industry for many years and decided to develop their very own mattress brand after hearing many complaints from friends and customers having sleep problems caused by back pain, late-night sweating due to heat, and movement disturbance caused by their partners. Thus, in 2017 NOSDA was founded with the hopes of providing Malaysians with the ideal mattress to help solve all those problems!

With the belief that luxurious sleep shouldn’t have to be expensive, they teamed up with renowned international partners who specialise in mattress innovation to design the beloved Nosda mattress. With superior materials that aid in temperature regulation for a cooler sleep, optimal spinal alignment and full body support, pressure point relief, and easy maintenance, it’s hard not to love it!

By also keeping the brand fully online operated and using a pre-order wait-list business model, overhead costs were reduced and they were able to set inexpensive prices. Every Nosda mattress will be subject to the 100-Night Sleep Trial because they believe the best way to test a mattress isn’t by sleeping on it for 5 minutes in showrooms, but for many nights in a row. That’s how certain they are that you’ll love it!

After all, Aden and Corvina’s ultimate goal is to provide customers with the best sleep experience at the best price through Nosda.

how we started

Founded in 2017, the idea for NOSDA was developed when we realized the need to fill Malaysian homes with a bed that was not only comfortable but capable of relieving pressure points and providing good support, easy to clean, and cool throughout the night. The last feature is incredibly important to us given the tropical climate we live in.

Our tireless search for the best materials available, teaming up with a renowned international factory (known for developing high-end mattress brands), and constant product testing lead us to making the ideal mattress for you and your entire family.

We truly believe that everyone deserves luxurious sleep and should be able to afford it. With this motto, we designed our product to be ergonomically on top of the mattress-game and also inexpensive! By keeping our brand fully operational through E-commerce, and having no involvement to any brick-and-mortar store, we’re able to reduce overhead costs and save you the money you’d have to pay otherwise.

what we believe

We believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get your beauty sleep! Our goal is to provide you with the best high-quality mattress made with the finest materials so you can experience sleep at its best. To make this a reality, we team up with international partners who are passionate about innovative mattress design. At NOSDA, if you snooze, we win.

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